site will be required to avoid erosion, and to be designed so as to avoid long-term erosion hazards.

Noise issues are addressed in Section 4.J, Noise and Vibration, of the Draft EIR. Raising ground levels adjacent to the Caltrain tracks, along with the construction of buildings within the Baylands, will provide partial attenuation of noise generated by Caltrain operations. The analysis undertaken for the Draft EIR did not incorporate such attenuation into noise modeling when evaluating Project Site development-related impacts and is therefore conservative.

The visual simulations set forth in Table 4.A-1 include proposed site grading. As is evident from these visual simulations, the primary visual impacts of Project Site development result from building construction rather than site grading. Thus, additional visual modeling of proposed site elevations is unnecessary.


[See page 5-89 for the original comment] This comment provides no rationale as to why wastewater and drainage should be considered to be “major areas of controversy.” However, based on comments received on the Draft EIR from various agencies, a new bullet point is added to the listing of major areas of controversy on Page 2-17. The added bullet point reads as follows.


[See page 5-89 for the original comment] Because landfilling actually started in the 1930s, Photographs 2 and 3 in the Geosyntec report depict operations in the mid-1930s.


[See page 5-90 for the original comment]The portion of the OU-1 within San Francisco (Schlage Lock) is not a part of the Project Site. The portion of OU-1 within the City of Brisbane is part of the Project Site. The term “OU-1,” as used in the Draft EIR refers to the Brisbane portion of that operating unit. “OU-1” in the Draft EIR thus refers consistently to the portion of OU-1 within the Baylands Project Site. The portion of OU-1 that is north of and outside of the Baylands is consistently referred to in the Draft EIR as either the San Francisco portion of OU-1 or the Schlage Lock portion of OU-1.

Please note the contaminated groundwater underlying the San Francisco (Schlage Lock) portion of OU-1 has contributed to groundwater contamination underlying the Baylands Project Site.


[See page 5-90 for the original comment] The graphics provided in Chapter 3, Project Description, depict proposed open space features to the extent possible given the available detail of concept plan scenarios for Baylands development. In

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