Page 4.A-42    UPC 2-5 [See page 5-530 for the original comment] REVISE Mitigation Measure 4.A-4b to read as follows.


Mitigation Measure 4.A-4b: All building exteriors within the Baylands Project Site shall be composed of textured and other non-reflective materials, including high-performance tinted non-mirrored glass.

Reflective materials on building exteriors that have a light reflectivity factor greater than 30 percent shall be limited to less than 50 percent of any wall area mirrored glass shall be prohibited.


Air Quality

Page 4.B-1      BBCAG-20 [See page 5-92 for the original comment] REVISE the final paragraph as follows:


Brisbane’s proximity to the onshore breezes stimulated by the Pacific Ocean provides for generally very good air quality at the Project Site. These winds are the result of the presence of the San Bruno Alemany Gap to the west of the Project Site. The San Bruno Alemany Gap is oriented northwest to southeast, the same direction as the prevailing wind with elevations under 200 feet. Consequently, the Project Site receives some of the highest wind speeds along the peninsula. These winds maintain relatively good air quality in the flat valley portions of Brisbane.


Page 4.B-21    BCC-66 [See page 5-176 for the original comment] ADD the underlined text to the first bullet under Mitigation Measure 4.B-1 as follows:


Basic Controls that Apply to All Construction Sites

1.      All exposed surfaces (e.g., parking areas, staging areas, soil piles, graded areas, and unpaved access roads) shall be watered as needed, but no less than two times per day on days with no precipitation.


Page 4.B-22    SBMW-6 [See page 5-500 for the original comment] and OSEC-92 [See page 5-316 for the original comment] ADD the following bullet to Mitigation Measure 4.B-1 on Draft EIR page 4.B-22:


Construction foreman and crew shall receive training from contractors on implementation of the above emission reduction techniques prior to each development phase.


Page 4.B-37    UPC 2-6 [See page 5-530 for the original comment] REVISE the third bullet in Mitigation Measure to read as follows.


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