5.   Comments on the Draft EIR   5-1

(Comment Letters and Meeting Transcripts)

    State Agencies    
    Caltrans   5-3
    California High Speed Rail Authority   5-6
    California Public Utilities Commision   5-7
    State Lands Commision   5-11
    Regional Agencies    
    Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency   5-25
    Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (Caltrain)   5-27

City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County, including San Mateo County Airport Land Use Commission


Special Districts

    Bayshore Sanitary District   5-39
    Modesto Irrigation District   5-42
    Oakdale Irrigation District   5-48


    City of Brisbane   5-50
    City of Daly City   5-51

City and County of San Francisco:

      Office of the Mayor   5-53
      Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure   5-55
      Planning Department   5-57
      San Francisco County Transportation Authority   5-61
San Francisco International Airport   5-62
      San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency   5-64
      San Francisco Public Utilities Commission   5-76


    Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group   5-86
    Brisbane Citizens Committee   5-154
    Brisbane Open Space and Ecology Committee   5-304
    Candlestick Preservation Association   5-365
    Greenbelt Alliance   5-482
    Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County   5-485
    Recology San Francisco   5-486
    San Bruno Mountain Watch   5-500
    San Francisco Baykeeper   5-504
    San Francisco Boardsailing Association   5-508
    San Francisco Bay Trail   5-514
    San Mateo County Economic Development Association   5-516
    SPUR   5-517
    Tuolumne River Trust   5-521
    Universal Paragon Corporation   5-525


    Anonymous   5-536
    Linda Dettmer   5-539
    Dana Dilworth   5-547
    John Dumbacher   5-555
    Mary Gutekanst   5-561
    Ken Hanson   5-563
    Cris Hart   5-566
    Clara Johnson   5-569
    Steven Johnson   5-573
    Roland Lebrun   5-598
    Ross Libenson   5-602
    Fran Martin   5-603
    Carole Nelson   5-605
    Allisa Perrucci   5-609
    Allan Ridley and Helen McKenna-Ridley   5-610
    Linda Salmon   5-613
    Dan Siskind   5-617
    Tony Verreos   5-618

Speakers at October 2013 Public Meetings: Dennis Busse, Dana Dilworth, Prem Lall, Fran Martin, Ken McIntire, Kenji Nishijima, Michele Salmon

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