Project Components

1.3 Format of the Final EIR

The following chapters are contained within this document:

Volume I

Chapter 1, Introduction, describes CEQA requirements and the content of the Final EIR.

Chapter 2, Response to Comments, provides a list of agencies, organizations, and interested individuals who commented on the Draft EIR along with responses to each of their comments.

Chapter 3, Revisions to the Draft EIR. This chapter sets forth revisions made to the Draft EIR as a result of the comments received by agencies, organizations and individuals as described in Chapter 2, and/or errors and omissions discovered subsequent to release of the Draft EIR for public review.

Volume II

Chapter 4, Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program. This chapter includes the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) prepared based on the mitigation measures included in this Final EIR. CEQA requires lead agencies to “adopt a reporting and mitigation monitoring program for the changes to the project which it has adopted or made a condition of project approval in order to mitigate or avoid significant effects on the environment” (CEQA §21081.6, CEQA Guidelines §15097).

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