3.3 Executive Summary

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CSLC-2 [See page 5-13 for the original comment] REVISE the fourth full paragraph on page 2-15 to read as follows.

In the case of the Baylands, the No Project-No Build Alternative would not be environmentally superior since it allows existing site contamination to remain without remediation. The No Project-General Plan Buildout would also not be environmentally superior since it provides for future development of the site without a reliable water supply as envisioned in the General Plan, reduces or avoids many of the significant effects of Project Site development, provides for remediation of Project Site contamination, provides a firm water supply to support Project Site development as well as 400 acre-feet of firm supply to facilitate citywide buildout of the General Plan, and meets most of the basic Project objectives, as described in Section 5.3.2, No Project-General Plan Buildout Alternative. Of the Project Site development scenarios and alternatives evaluated in this EIR, the Renewable Energy Generation Alternative would be the environmentally superior alternative since it is consistent with the Brisbane General Plan, involves minimal impacts compared to other scenarios and alternatives, and meets key project objectives including:

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BBCAG-7 [See page 5-89 for the original comment] ADD a new bullet point to the listing of major areas of controversy on page 2-17:

3.4 Project Description

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OSEC-14 and OSEC-15 [See page 5-307 for the original comment] REVISE the second paragraph within Section 3.1, Regional Setting, to read as follows:

The area surrounding the Project Site includes residential areas in San Francisco, Daly City, and the western portion of Brisbane, and commercial/industrial uses near the San Francisco/San Mateo County line and along Bayshore Boulevard. The Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco adjoins the is located northwestern border of the Brisbane Baylands. Candlestick Park, an existing former National Football League venue, is approximately 0.5 mile northeast of the Brisbane Baylands, east of US Highway 101. Candlestick Park is anticipated to be demolished in 2015 to allow for future redevelopment including a mix of retail, housing, and entertainment venues. Central Brisbane lies directly west of Brisbane Lagoon, separated by Bayshore Boulevard. Sierra Point, an office/ commercial/hotel development with access to the Brisbane Marina, lies just to the southeast of Brisbane Lagoon on the east side of US Highway 101.

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