Zoning: The division of a city or county by legislative regulations into areas, or zones, that specify allowable uses for real property and size restrictions for buildings within these areas; a program that implements policies of the general plan.


Zoning Map: The officially adopted zoning map of the city specifying the location of zoning districts within all geographic areas of the city.


3.11 Appendices

Appendix L,    OID-2 [See page 5-48 for the original comment] REVISE the second sentence

Page 4.5          on page 4.5, Section 4.3.3 of the Water Supply Assessment (Draft EIR Appendix L as follows:


The proposed Agreement between the City and OID would guarantee the transfer of up to 2,400 acre-feet per year (AFY), without restrictions on permitting from the State Water Resources Control Board, for a term of 50 years.


Appendix L,    OID-3 [See page 5-49 for the original comment] REVISE the first paragraph

Page 4.6          on page 4.6 of the Water Supply Assessment (Draft EIR Appendix L) as follows:


OID is located in the northeast portion of the San Joaquin Valley within Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. The majority of OID’s water supplies come from a mix of pre1914 adjudicated and post-1914 appropriative surface water rights that enable OID to divert up to 257,074 AFY from the Stanislaus River at Goodwin Dam upstream of the city of Oakdale without restrictions. Pursuant to the 1988 Stipulation and Agreement between OID and South San Joaquin Irrigation District (SSJID) and the United States Bureau of Reclamation, OID has the ability, with SSJID, to divert the first 600,000 acre-feet of flow in a water year on the Stanislaus River. OID's water is diverted out of the river at Goodwin Dam upstream of the City of Oakdale. To effectuate the water transfer to Brisbane, The proposed transfer would be implemented by OID would physically delivering up to 2,400 AFY of water into the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) system, via existing facilities (i.e., released from OID’s Claribel Lateral canal system, generally located just east of the Albers Road and Dusty Lane intersection, near Claribel Road south of the city of Oakdale Riverbank into MID’s South Main Canal). MID would make use of the 2,400 AFY for irrigation purposes and, in turn, credit hold an equivalent amount in storage in New Don Pedro Reservoir, located on the Tuolumne River northeast of La Grange. Through a similar exchange, MID would forego delivery of 2,400 AFY from the SFPUC’s Hetch Hetchy system, which generally runs from the Sierra Nevada in Yosemite National Park through the Central Valley and South San Francisco Bay to San Francisco. The SFPUC has a water

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