3.5 Environmental Settings, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

Aesthetics and Visual Resources

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Surrounding Area

Brisbane is in an urban setting located on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Peninsula. The city is surrounded by urban communities dominated by single-family small lot and suburban-style homes to the north and west, San Bruno Mountain State Park to the south/ southwest, and US Highway 101 and San Francisco Bay to the east with the East Bay Hills beyond. As viewed from US Highway 101, the community lies within a low-density “cove” setting between that visually separates the community from the highly urbanized cities of San Francisco to the north and South San Francisco to the south, as well as from the more urbanized portions of Brisbane at Sierra Point.


The Central Brisbane neighborhood is located directly west of the southern portion of the Project Site, across Bayshore Boulevard. Central Brisbane consists of both residential and commercial development. It is developed primarily with one- to two-story commercial buildings along Visitacion Avenue and one- to two-story single-family houses throughout. Northeast Ridge, which lies northwest of Central Brisbane and west of Guadalupe Canyon, consists of single-family houses and higher-density residential buildings.


Non-residential uses in the city include one- to two-story industrial buildings in Crocker Park and mid-rise office buildings and hotels at Sierra Point.


The visual character of nearby areas in Daly City (west of the Project Site) and San Francisco (north of the Project Site) is defined by commercial buildings along Geneva Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard, and industrial and residential uses north of the San Francisco/San Mateo border.


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The western edge of the Project Site is bordered by Bayshore Boulevard, while US Highway 101 and San Francisco Bay border the Project Site to

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