EIR to determine whether the appropriate form of environmental analysis their implementation would require subsequent or supplemental environmental analysis. Additional CEQA compliance documents for specific projects or components proposed under the selected Concept Plan scenario would be required where site-specific impacts of the development proposal(s) were not addressed at a sufficient level of detail in this program EIR, or in the event subsequent changes are proposed to the selected scenario that were not analyzed in this EIR. This includes those proposed actions over which other agencies have approval authority, such as the proposed remedial actions overseen by the RWQCB, the San Mateo County Health Agency, and DTSC; the water supply transfer by OID, MID and SFPUC; and the Recology expansion requiring permits from San Francisco. The approval of these actions would rely upon the analysis presented in this EIR, provided that the information related to such actions that is analyzed herein is sufficient and remains current.


Page 3-80        Caltrain-2 [See page 5-27 for the original comment] REVISE the sixth bullet (Permits and Approvals Required from Other Agencies) to read as follows:


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