within the piping system and within streets such that building finished floor elevations provide a minimum of 1-foot of freeboard above the 100-year storm event hydraulic grade line water elevation with tidal flow and 100 years of estimated sea level rise. Key roadways including Sierra Point Parkway, Lagoon Road, and Tunnel Avenue shall be designed such that these roadways are available as evacuation routes in the event of a

100-year storm event. The proposed system design shall be submitted to the City Engineer for approval and shall hydraulically isolate existing drainage inlets fronting Levinson Overflow Area and the PG&E property from existing Brick Arch Sewer system.


Page 4.H-34    OSEC-265 [See page 5-345 for the original comment] REVISE the fifth bullet in Mitigation Measure 4.H-5 as follows:


Land Use and Planning Policy

Page 4.I-1       BCC-385 [See page 5-241 for the original comment] ADD the underlined sentence to the end of the second paragraph as follows.


Historic uses of the Project Site include the former Brisbane Landfill and the former Southern Pacific Bayshore Railyard. The former landfill area is located on the east side of the Caltrain tracks which bisect the Project Site. This area was operated as a landfill from 1932 to 1967; after its closure, the landfill was buried with 20 to 30 feet of soil cover. Several buildings have been constructed on the former landfill, including portions of the Recology facility, Sierra Point Lumber and Van Arsdale Lumber, which still remain. Much of the former landfill is used for soil and construction material recycling. Champion Speedway, a 1/8 mile oval racetrack operated on a portion of the landfill from approximately 1963 to 1979, holding a number of events, including automobile races and demolition derbies. After closure, the speedway was demolished and covered by fill.


Page 4.I-8       OSEC-287[See page 5-348 for the original comment] REVISE the second and third paragraphs as follows.


Land Use Designations. Brisbane General Plan land use diagram (City of Brisbane, 1994) indicates that the Project Site is designated primarily as Planned Development-Trade Commercial (Baylands Subarea), with one small section on the western border adjacent to Bayshore Boulevard (Northeast Bayshore Subarea) designated Trade Commercial with no planned development overlay (see Figure 3-9 in Chapter 3, Project

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