Page 6-5           BCC-473 [See page 5-253 for the original comment] Because ABAG Projections 2013 were approved as part of Plan Bay Area subsequent to the public review period for the Brisbane Baylands Draft EIR replacing ABAG’s earlier Projections 2009, all references to the older Projections 2009 are stricken from the Brisbane Baylands EIR.


Page 6-20         Master Response 29 REVISE the final paragraph on page 6-20 as follows:


Would the Project, in conjunction with past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future projects, result in significant cumulative impacts on biological resources?

The geographic context for analysis of cumulative impacts on biological resources encompasses the area within the Brisbane city limits and surrounding neighborhoods, areas that are biologically linked (by, for example, birds, bats, fish or terrestrial wildlife) to the Baylands, and ecologically similar areas throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and

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