2.9.11 San Francisco Bay Trail


[See page 5-514 for the original comment] Comment SFBT-1 provides an introduction to the San Francisco Bay Trail’s comment letter. It does not raise any substantive environmental issues regarding the adequacy of the Draft EIR or its analyses and conclusions.


[See page 5-514 for the original comment] The San Francisco Bay Trail is intended to be a Class I facility as it passes through the Baylands Project Site. The design of intersection crossing will be determined as part of the design of the Bay Trail and roadway improvement plans within the Baylands Project Site. The alignment preference as stated in the comment is noted and will be taken into consideration in the City’s Baylands planning process.


[See page 5-515 for the original comment] A paragraph is added page 4.N-145 preceding the conclusion to read as follows.

As noted in Table 4.N-7, the currently proposed configuration for the Geneva Avenue extension would open bicycle lanes to vehicular traffic along the Geneva Avenue extension. Five-foot-wide bicycle lanes would be provided adjacent to the curb, next to the sidewalk. Shifting the location of bicycle lanes along the proposed Geneva Avenue extension during peak and non-peak travel times could cause safety problems along the roadway.

Mitigation Measure 4.N-11 is revised to read as follows.

Mitigation Measure 4.N-11: Prior to issuance of the first building occupancy permit for new development other than improvement or relocation of an existing use within the Project Site, roadways and trails shall provide for safe accessibility for bicycles to buildings and recreational areas throughout the Project Site, including connections to offsite bicycle routes and trails. In addition, Project Site land uses shall provide bicycle parking in appropriate areas (i.e., where they will get the most use, where security is maximized, and where pedestrian circulation is minimally affected by their presence).

The minimum standards contained in this mitigation measure, along with the equivalent bicycle access as that shown in Table 4.N-7, shall be included in any specific plan approved for development within the Project Site provided, however, that shifting of the location of bicycle lanes between peak and non-peak hours shall not be permitted. In addition, the Bay Trail connection through the Baylands Project site shall be designed as a multi-use Class I facility where feasible.

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