Geology, Soils, and Seismicity

Page 4.E-38    OSEC-155 [See page 5-327 for the original comment] ADD text to the third paragraph as follows:

Under Order 01-041 from the RWQCB (2001), clay cap material must be maintained over landfill materials and undeveloped or open space areas. “If the cap should be breached (i.e., damaged such that its original purpose is compromised) by any means (differential settlement, construction, plantings, etc.), adequate restorative measures are required by Order

01-041 to maintain the integrity of the cap.”


Page 4.E-39    BBCAG-75 [See page 5-102 for the original comment] REVISE Mitigation Measure 4.E-2a as follows:

Mitigation Measure 4.E-2a: Prior to the issuance of a grading permit, applicants for all site-specific development and infrastructure projects within the Project Site, including structures, utilities, and roadways shall submit to the City Engineer a final design-level geotechnical report prepared by a licensed geotechnical or soil engineer experienced in construction methods on fill materials in an active seismic area. The report shall provide site- specific construction methods and recommendations regarding grading activities, fill placement, soil corrosivity/expansion/erosion potential, compaction, foundation construction, drainage control (both surface and subsurface), and avoidance of settlement, liquefaction, differential settlement, spread of leachate outside of the former landfill, and seismic hazards in accordance with current California Building Code requirements including Chapter 16, Section 1613.


The report shall also require that all subsurface improvements such as utilities that include any materials susceptible to corrosive effects would be engineered in conformance with the most recently adopted California Building Code requirements including the use of engineered backfill.


The report shall also include stability analyses of final design cut and fill slopes, including recommendations for avoidance of slope failure(s). The final grading plan and associated development elements including the landfill cap layer shall be designed and constructed in accordance with requirements of the final design-level geotechnical investigation as approved by the City Engineer prior to the issuance of any building permits.


Designers and contractors shall comply with recommendations of the design-level geotechnical investigation during pProject construction including any modifications required by the City Engineer. A licensed geotechnical or soil engineer shall monitor earthwork and construction activities to ensure that recommended site-specific construction methods are followed during Project construction. These recommendations shall be incorporated into all development plans submitted and approved for the Project Site development as conditions of approval.

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