Caltrain, a major commuter line connecting San Francisco with communities in the Peninsula region and San Jose, has tracks that bisect the Brisbane Baylands, with the nearest Caltrain station (Bayshore Station) located at the northern end of the Baylands. The Brisbane Fire Station (Station Number 81), operated by the North County Fire Authority, is located on Bayshore Boulevard just outside of the southwestern edge of the Project Site.


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The Project Site is bisected in the north-south direction by the Caltrain railroad tracks and in the east-west direction by a central drainage channel, which is a part of the Visitacion Creek alignment. The majority of the Project Site is flat or gently sloping toward the Bay, with an elevation range of 10 to 50 feet above mean sea level The Baylands topography is variable due to current and historic industrial activities at the site; elevations generally range from 10 to 60 feet above mean sea level with the exception of. Aa prominent hill (Icehouse Hill), located at the southeastern end of the Project Site, which ranges from 25 to 200 feet above mean sea level with steep cuts adjacent to the Caltrain railroad and more gently sloping cuts along Bayshore Boulevard.


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Old County Road is a two-lane east-west collector street that connects Bayshore Boulevard and Tunnel Avenue with Central Brisbane.


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