on weekends and holidays when workers are not present. Because of the limited times available to workers for recreation, and therefore they would tend to use only parks and recreational areas that are in close proximity to their place of work, with the exception of ball fields used for organized team sports (i.e., softball and other athletic leagues). In cases where parks are not in close proximity (walking distance), increases in employment do not affect park use. As a result, increased employment within the Project Site would not be expected to result in the use of existing parks and recreational facilities to a degree that degradation of such facilities would occur. Further, proposed recreational amenities would be available for use by Project Site employees. Therefore, no substantial degradation of recreational facilities would occur under the CPP or CPP-V scenario.


Traffic and Circulation

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This subsection describes the freeways and streets that provide vehicle access and circulation within the Project Site and vicinity (see Figure 4.N- 1 and Figure 4.N-2). Cumulative projects are described in Chapter 6 (see Figure 6-1A for the locations of these cumulative projects). With the exception of the freeways, each of the facilities described in this subsection also provides the primary means of bicycle and pedestrian circulation (described in greater detail in the subsections describing travel by those modes).


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Old County Road is a two-lane east-west collector street that connects Bayshore Boulevard and Tunnel Avenue with Central Brisbane.


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Proposed plans were identified in the San Francisco and San Mateo Bi- County Transportation Study (2001 and current update 2013) to extend

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